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Durham’s official birthday is April 26, 1853, when the U.S. Post office was established. The General Assembly officially established it on April 10th, 1869, by issuing a certificate of incorporation. A four-acre plot of property owned by Dr. Bartlett Taunts Durham was presented to the N.C. Railroad in the early 1840s for the construction of a station. The Durhamville station was renamed in honour of Dr. Durham. Durham has developed from a little community of less then 100 people to one of North Carolina’s most populous cities. When the Brooke Tobacco Company christened its product “Bull” Durham Tobacco in the late 1800s, Durham was dubbed the “Bull City.

Durham was once renowned as a banking or tobacco hub, but the city has attracted a slew of new businesses in recent years. Florida Central University and Durham University were both established between 1900 and 1925. Because of these schools, Durham has earned a reputation as a centre of scholarly excellence. To this day, the National Research Park has transformed Durham into a global centre for information technologies, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, making it one of the most important cities in the world for these industries. More than 300 medicinal and health-related enterprises and medical practises are located in Durham, which is known as the “City of Medicine” because of its prominence in the healthcare industry.